Lorenz Attractor


I am a PhD candidate at the Indian Institute of Science. My areas of interest is to apply control theory in Cyber-Physical systems. They integrate physical dynamics of a system with algorithms running on a computational device via a network. The algorithm controls or monitors the physical system using some form of actuation or sensory device.

Medical devices that are used for monitoring and controlling biological processes are considered to be Cyber-Physical Systems.
I am currently developing an algorithm that will be used in Aritifical Pancreas for Type-1 DM patients.
I work under the supervision of Dr. Radhakant Padhi (Professor at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, IISC).

My long term goal is to work on Optimal control for dynamical systems where safety is a critical factor. My first task at hand would be to understand the intricacies of nonlinear systems. The Lorenz system shown above perfectly demonstrates some of the fascinating charactersitcs of nonlinear dynamics and chaos.

Details of my professional and research experience prior to joining IISC can be found here.


Abishek Chandrasekhar

Ph.D. candidate

Research: Dynamical Systems and Control Theory

Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber-Physical Systems @ IISC



Bangalore, India


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